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Insights for impact: North America - (on demand)

Published On: September 19, 2023

Join our webinar for a 60-minute summary of the changes, challenges and opportunities impacting the higher education landscape in North America. There will also be an opportunity for Q&A with our experts.

By attending, you’ll gain actionable insights to help you improve your institution’s global reputation, performance and internationalisation.

Our expert panel members will share insights on the following topics.

  • Changes in the higher education environment – shifts in international student flows and how the North American higher education sector is set up to operate in an increasingly competitive international student recruitment environment. 
  • Exploring emerging trends – employability and sustainability and how institutions and the sector are responding.
  • Shifts in student demands – the profile of students, prospective student decision-making and the role of ratings and third-party accreditations in influencing where students choose to study.  
  • How to increase global reputation – the role reputation plays in student decision-making and student recruitment, and how institutions perform compared to their peers.
  • Partnership opportunities – where most research partnerships thrive, how North America's institutions compare against peers on international research network strength and the link between research and reputation and student recruitment trends. 
Our Panel Member - Ben Webb

Ben Webb is Head of Client Partnership in North America for QS. He is an experienced higher education recruitment and partnership specialist. He has worked in senior roles at Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State University and Wilkes University.

Our Panel Member - Kesh Patel

Kesh has over 8 years' experience working directly for a higher education institution as well as 5 additional years as a higher education management consultant with QS. Recent projects include partnering with international governments to review and support the improvement of their international student recruitment efforts, as well as, internationalization of their scientific research to develop partnerships and national level partnerships. 

Our Panel Member - Alex Berka

With over ten years of experience working in market research, Alex is the Insights Manager at QS and oversees the analysis and design of a range of research projects they conduct. Alex has previously been part of a number of market research agencies, working with a diverse range of clients across multiple sectors.

Since joining QS in 2017, he has managed the International Student Survey - the world’s largest survey of pre-enrolled international students, and the Employers Survey - the world’s largest survey of graduate employers. Alex’s work on these surveys focuses on bringing the student and employer viewpoints to life, ensuring their voices are heard across the sector and highlighting how their expectations align (or do not align) with those of universities.

He is well versed in drawing actionable insights from surveys and the findings of his analysis have been covered in a variety of industry publications, including PIE news and Study International, as well as wider news publications, including The Financial Times. 

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