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What our sponsors say

"QS conferences amaze me with the quality of speakers and the thought-provoking conversations. For me, as the Sr. Strategic Partnerships Director, each conference I attended brought high-quality University partnership opportunities. At each conference, I learned the new trends in higher education at a local/regional level that helped me position Wharton Interactive globally."

Levent Yarar, Sr. Strategic Partnership, Wharton Interactive 

‘’Sponsoring the Reimagine Education Awards proved to be a great opportunity for Ajman University. We were able to meet and greet the educators behind so many innovative projects and from so many extraordinary institutions. We left a lasting impression on them as well, by offering targeted promotional material about AU at our table. We left Reimagine Education with the potential for a slew of new partnerships. We’ll be back next year!’’ 

Ajman University, Reimagine Education Sponsor

We sponsored the 2022 QS Higher Ed Summit: Middle East & Africa and EduData Summit. The participation has boosted the University branding at the region level. Attending these conferences acted as a facilitator in connecting with academics and different institutions around the world. 

Dr. Waleed Khalid Al Rajhi, Dean of Planning and Quality, University of Nizwa 

Attending the conference helped our institution achieve its reputation goals through reaching out to quality audiences and form valuable partnership for research and innovation, which further helped with international collaboration and sponsorship in benefiting the staff and students of JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research exposure to new audiences. 

Dr. Surinder Singh, Vice Chancellor, JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research